Pont Systems




The Pont was founded in 1996 as a Hungarian owned company with custom software development and business consulting profile. 

The Pont was awarded the 30th most successful IT company in Central Europe in the competition Technology Fast50 in 2007 and won the title of a Qualified Company in the magazine called Business&Success in 2008. 

Beside Hungary we are able to provide our services by our branches in Romania, Serbia, Germany, Vietnam and Laos as well, mainly for large enterprises (mainly for the finance) and government sector. 

Pont Systems a long-runner in banking IT, known as a reliable, strategic partner of several banks, other finance and insurance companies. 

80+ IT core systems in banks

We know it, we do it

Our experts are proficient in many technologies. This is why we are able to cover the demands that come to us and our systems are live. We don't just try, we do the task entrusted to us, which is proven by our continuously operating, live systems. And our success always means smoother operation and a monetary advantage for our partners.


According to financial sector and e-government standards


Core bank system, population register, food security, identity card system 

We have references from many sectors, but we have gathered the most in-depth experience from the banking sector. This is good news for our new client whether or not he is also working in this sector. In the former case, we can also provide comprehensive market knowledge, and in the latter case, we can provide experts who have been trained in the financial sector with special security and quality requirements. The other large sector, where we have an exceptionally large reference, is e-government. In addition, we have gained experience in government digitization in Asia.

One or all

Development, testing, operation, infrastructure, consulting and education 

In addition to software development, we also have solutions for software testing, application operation and infrastructure planning and construction. Our employees or teams are available individually or together; thus, in the case of a complex project, we can provide assistance in all processes, but even in the case of the work of an expert, it is enough to keep in touch with the specific, separate division.


Expert or project team


Expert individually or in a team 

We are really good at executing complex projects from design to handover and beyond through our aforementioned application management team. However, we are also open to the delegation of a unique expert if we can help our partner in this way.

On- or offsite

Hungary, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Vietnam, Laos 

In addition to our headquarters in Budapest, we also have locations in Cluj-Napoca and Subotica. However, our colleagues perform their work at our partner in many cases according to customer requirements. Prioritizing remote work was also easy for us, if only in connection with the mentioned Asian projects, where project work on site and from Hungary has long been part of our practice.